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Part 2 of 3. Doggie Genealogy: The Test

One week later, the test arrived – just a simple cheek swab (brush), instructions, and a return envelope. I set up a time to swab Ziggy, my friend Maile’s gigantic black dog. Maile said she wasn’t sure about the breed of her pound puppy. “We think he’s part Newfoundland and part standard poodle.”

I headed over to her house. I should admit here that, in general, I’m afraid of dogs. Ziggy, who I hadn’t met before, was the largest dog I’ve ever seen. His back along seemed to be 5-feet long. Newfoundland and standard poodle? I was thinking part bear, part horse.

Fortunately Ziggy was a gentle giant. I had failed to notice that you have to wait to give the test until 30 minutes after the dog had last eaten. Maile and I chit-chatted while Ziggy paced back and forth in the kitchen which, for him, was only three steps forward, three steps back.

I’ve swabbed my own cheek for my DNA test, but have never gotten so close to a dog’s mouth. At least not on purpose. Maile pried his mouth open. The inside of his mouth, except for teeth and tongue, was solid black. I could hardly see what I was doing. I had to swab the inside of his cheek for 30 seconds. That’s a long time for a dog to sit still with his mouth pried open. I had to do this right, because the thought of retesting was not appealing to any of us, including Ziggy.

I sealed up the package and mailed it. Later, I uploaded a photo of Ziggy that Maile had sent me. This will go on his official DNA breed analysis certificate. Come back tomorrow for the results.

© Corey Oiesen, Genealogy Heroes, 2010.

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