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Genealogy Heroes

Greetings blogosphere and welcome to the launch of the Genealogy Heroes blog, the blog where heroes of research are recognized. Those who are not driven to do family history research do not often understand the value of it. “Why are you wasting your time with the past? Try living in the present,” they may say.

That is, until they start thinking. “Hey maybe you can find out what happened to Uncle Tony. He went to work one day way back in the 1920s and never came back. No one knows what happened to him.” From the simple curiosity of, “I’ve been told I’m part Cherokee, can you help me prove it?” to the heartbreaking, “My dad left when I was three years old. I’d really like to know my medical background, can you help me?”, the genealogist knows that answering these questions for someone will be life-changing.

So, have you done something heroic in the line of duty? Have you helped solve a mystery? Found a missing person? Helped someone meet new cousins? Finally discovered when your family emigrated from the old country? Helped a friend break down a brick wall? Please share your stories with me. Thank you!

12 May 2009

© Corey Oiesen and Genealogy Heroes 2009.



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